Ship management

  • Provision of competent qualified officers and crew
  • Supply of provisions, stores, consumables and other required spares etc
  • Provision of lubricating oils
  • Maintenance of the vessel  including repairs, dry docking and provision of spares
  • Keeping of records and ensuring  vessel is fully documented with all certificates, manuals, etc.
  • Provision of insurance for the vessel  including claims handling and settlement
  • Provision of annual operating budget, detailed budget variance reports,, balance sheet and profit and loss statements
  • Provision of technical and condition reports
  • Allocation of  highly qualified and experienced superintendents, who will be responsible for day to day technical matters and will  attend the vessel at regular intervals
  • Regular submission of fuel consumption
  • Regular  contact  with owners to discuss  vessel performance
  • Handling of charter party disputes, FDD and cargo claims, bunkering, appointment of agents, dealing with freights and hire related matters as and when required by Owners 

Terms and conditions